Debbie Arthurs´ style of vintage jazz with Sweet Rhythm, The Charleston Chasers and work with other musicians evokes the passion and swing of the 1920s and 1930s. Debbie revives the great songs from writers like George Gershwin, Cole Porter and Walter Donaldson.

´Although her material is firmly rooted in the 1920s and 30s and predominantly American, she does not affect an accent or contrived mannerisms - she just sings and it sounds so right.´ Paul Adams 2006

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Debbie Arthurs´ Sweet Rhythm, Thank you Mr Moon


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Vintage Jazz at it's best! A recording of Debbie Arthurs and her band Sweet Rhythm playing the song Walking my Baby at the Bude Jazz Festival in 2005.


Debbie Arthurs and her band Sweet Rhythm play 'Running Wild' at the Mermaid for the Plymouth Jazz Club - a song that is sure to get people dancing!

Debbie Arthurs and her band Sweet Rhythm play a tribute to Annette Hanshaw. This track is called 20 Million People. Debbie Arthurs is the UK's premier vintage percussionist. Enjoy.

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